That’s, why has been SEIK one of the biggest supplier of gift books and products in Apollo stores.

We have been collaborating with SEIK now over 9 years. First they started with Happy Calendar and we were glad to support students project. Now on they have been growing year over year and are constantly giving out new products, that inspire our customers. They double the revenue year over year and SEIK products are constantly in the list of bestsellers of our bookstore.

We have loved, that SEIK is thinking together with us. We have had discussions and we have told, that it is quite hard to find gifts for a men. They listened us and came up with completely out-of-box idea, that has been for past 2 years bestseller in Christmas time. They put socks into a can. The Skyline of Tallinn has been called as a sprat skyline for long, so they made Tallinn Sprat Tin Can Socks.

First it was planned to be a souvenir product but we also amazed, how many locals bought it as a gift for fathers day, birthday or Christmas.